For untold millenia, the 8 gods ruled over every aspect of Epikos. They created the land and the water, raised the mountains and carved the rivers. They covered Epikos in plant and beast, fixed the sun and moon in the sky and called down rain and thunder to keep their work clean. They created servants in their image and champions in their name. The gods lived among their servants and governed them and taught them. They showed their servants to hunt and to harvest, to fight and to heal, to build great works and wonders. They even created the underworld Kothikos for their servants to pass to when they die.

Then, 100 years ago, the Gods disappeared from Epikos. Their realms have been left unchecked. The gardens of Acaden are overgrown, the flames of the Krin’s Great Forge danced out of the mountain and the gates of Kothikos are rusted of their hinges. The once noble minotaur now form massive warbands while the naga scheme for power. Mankind is scattered and searching for purpose. They huddle in city-states and hug to their trade routes. But without gods to appoint them a champion, they must wait for one to rise among them.

The Age of Myth has ended, so begins the Age of Legends…

Epikos: Age of Legends